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Our claim is to help non-bureaucratic and quick.
This can only happen if the repairs are carried out or services provided by qualified professionals.

Especially in the servicing and maintenance, it is very important to act with foresight. Only in this way causes of errors can be detected and avoided in future.

Only an expert with a degree of practical experience can assess whether leading repair / service with less expenditure on target, or whether the repair is possible but only with greater effort.

Often it is only trifles that have a major impact on the functioning of a machine or device. 
For commodities of everyday life is the statement "... this is no longer worth ..." today  used all too happy to.
Firstly, in order to sell something new, or because the repair is “uneconomic”. And secondly, from a lack of experience in the repair.
(E.g., air conditioning compressor in the car, etc.)
I've spent many hours and lunch breaks in order to repair my daughter's toys. Not because the toys are so valuable, but because my daughter is happy when the toys are OK again. And I am also pleased when she is pleased and happy.

It's always the question of what one wants and there are several possibilities.

Let's talk about it.

Markus Wilke

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