our services for you

Repairs of machinery and equipment

Repairs of all kinds

Single-manufacture of designer-metal-furniture

24h available, even on weekends and public / religious holidays

Rapid response

24h service agreements

Manufacture of single and spare parts of all kinds

► Preparation of workshop drawings for the manufacture of spare parts

Advice on material selection for spare – or single parts


Lathe work




Each part prepared on request, with a measurement-protocol

Troubleshooting, e.g. cheapest repair, spare parts, options, etc.

Pneumatic and hydraulic service

► Maintenance of all types of machinery and equipment, and hydraulic power units

► Creation of individual maintenance plans


Welding work, by appointment

Special products and conversions of all kinds

Machine repair and assembly

Procurement of defective pneumatic or hydraulic components

Regular execution of maintenance, e.g. maintenance 1x /month or similar

Repairs abroad

If for example a branch abroad and then have a technical problem, we can help here too. Through a variety of international service assignments for technical support at renowned automotive manufacturers, we are also qualified for this very well and ready for anything...

Repair of consumer goods of daily life

From “A” - such as automobile, on “E” - such as exercise machine, or “T” - such as toys,
till “Z” such as a zoo-gate ;-)

Just ask, if you want to have it repaired, we make it with pleasure!

Shipment of defective hardware and consumer goods

To keep the effort on both sides to a minimum and allow the repair of more distant, less expensive products, we offer our delivery service!
Suppose that you actually have a Barbie doll that, for some, no longer understandable reasons, has lost his head, you may send the doll (or send everything else) to us. We repair them and re-send it back to you. This gives in to such a small and cheaper articles of course.

The price we can arrange in advance by phone.

If you tell us on the phone the "case" as accurately as possible, we can also estimate how much effort is needed. It then created for you only (in this case very small) repair costs plus the costs for the parcel or package. This principle of course also works for many other items.
This is an overview of our service offering. If your problem is not listed, it means nothing! We probably have just forgotten to write it!

We repair (almost) everything, everytime!

Of course, it may be time that we lack the necessary special tools, or large enough machine. But in this case, we cooperate with strong partners companies from whom we borrow us the appropriate tool, or to assume for us in the processing of parts.
Of course this has no effect for you. On the contrary, you have one contact person who takes care of everything!

Let's talk about it.

There is always (at least) a way.


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